Utopia Cafe 4 & Forum

A big thanks to those who attended our third meeting of Utopia Cafe, where we discussed The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin. It was quite small but intense! (I stupidly booked us at the same time as a major party’s political conference 😉)

Here’s the vote on the next book. Our candidates are (by popular demand):

Island by Aldous Huxley. A thematic sequel to his more famous dystopian work Brave New World, Huxley wrote this in response both to his spiritual experimentation and to his previous book, hoping to correct what he saw as philosophical oversights in the earlier work.

Red Star by Alexander Bogdanov. One of the foremost proto-Soviet utopian works, where a visitor travels to Mars and discovers a technologically-advanced socialist society.

Postcapitalism by Paul Mason. This one keeps coming up but not getting voted through! A handbook to, and background on, ideas around the latest wave of ‘utopian socialism’; using a combination of technological and policy innovation to eliminate compulsory work and provide far better public services for all.

We’ll count the votes for the next book on the 17th November in time for the next meeting on the 8th December.

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Utopia Forum

As many of you’ll know, the plan from the inception of the reading group has been to get people thinking about Utopian ideas and hopefully starting their own projects. 👍

To get things started, we’re running our first meeting for project ideas and any contacts or groups we should connect with on the 24th November. Hopefully this can become a great venue for communication between different people and groups who want to make society a better place, but who may not normally talk to each other.

Bring some ideas to the meeting! I’ll be chatting about Utopia Cafe & Forum as an overall project, and then open up the floor to chat about different projects that people have in mind.

And as all always, feel free to come along even if you’re just curious to see what kind of ideas and discussions will come up. 😊